Det engelske Royal Society holdt denne uge en række sessioner om mulighederne for liv udenfor vores solsystem. Professor Cockell siger efter mødet at liv er sandsynlig, men det er farligt at antage at det er "almindeligt"; Dermed opfattes manglen på succes med at finde det, som en fiasko.

Professor Cockell. "On our planet, carbon leaches into most habitat space and provides energy for microorganisms to live – there are only a few vacant habitats that may persist for any length of time on Earth, but we cannot assume that this is the case on other planets" Habitable planets may turn out to be abundant in the universe; however the search for life on them may yield many negative results. "It is dangerous to assume life is common across the universe – it encourages people to think that not finding signs of life is a "failure" when in fact it would tell us a lot about the origins of life," added Professor Cockell.

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